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Cupping Therapy

Overview of Cupping Therapy in Physiotherapy

Cupping Therapy is an age-old treatment that has found its way into modern physiotherapy due to its unique healing capabilities. Using special cups that create suction on the skin, this therapy aids in improving blood flow, reducing pain, and promoting relaxation.


How Cupping Therapy Works:

By creating a vacuum inside the cups and placing them onto the skin, the underlying tissues are drawn up into the cups. This process increases blood circulation to the area, stimulating muscle recovery and facilitating detoxification by drawing out toxins.

vacuum cupping:

Vacuum therapy, a subset of cupping therapy, involves the strategic placement of cups on the skin to generate a vacuum. This technique diverges from traditional fire-cupping by omitting the use of heat or high temperatures. Commonly, silicone cups are preferred over glass in this method. The vacuum’s primary function is to elevate the skin and the tissues beneath, enhancing blood flow and providing various therapeutic advantages. A significant benefit of machine-assisted vacuum therapy is its dynamic nature, which facilitates specialized techniques such as lymphatic drainage and cupping massage. These techniques can lead to improved circulation, reduced swelling, and enhanced relaxation.

Wet Cupping Therapy (Hijama):

Wet cupping is a specialized form of cupping therapy. In this method, the area is first sanitized, followed by the initial placement of specialized cups on the skin. Subsequently, minuscule incisions are precisely made in the skin, which allow the removal of toxins directly from the body, rather than waiting for the toxins to be expelled through the stool and urine. Wet cupping is regarded as one of the most effective methods of detoxification and can also be used for immediate pain relief.

gua sha therapy:

Gua sha is an ancient Chinese alternative therapy that involves scraping the skin with a massage tool to improve circulation. Originally designed as a body treatment, gua sha has also been adapted for facial therapies, with the scraping motion evolving into a gentler gliding technique. When used on the face, it promotes lymphatic drainage, helping to alleviate bloating caused by trapped interstitial fluid under the skin. Typically, gua sha can be performed on areas such as the back, shoulders, hips, or the back of the neck, targeting spots where muscles feel stiff or tense.

Areas of Treatment and Their Benefits

Total Body Pain:

Respiratory Disorders:

Migraines and Tension Headaches:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

The sensation is unique but most patients describe it as a gentle tug on the skin rather than pain.

Temporary discoloration or marks might appear after treatment but will fade within a few days.

While it is beneficial for many, it’s best to consult with our acupuncturists to determine if it’s right for you.