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Laser Therapy

An Overview of Laser Therapy in Physiotherapy

Laser therapy, a modern innovation in physiotherapy, uses light energy to accelerate the body’s natural healing process. Offering a non-invasive alternative, it provides effective relief from various ailments, complementing traditional physiotherapy methods.

How Laser Therapy Works:

Using Bioflex, Multi-radiance, and Apollo technologies, laser therapy emits photons that penetrate the skin and underlying tissues. These photons are absorbed by cells, stimulating cellular activity and promoting faster healing. Moreover, it reduces inflammation and increases blood circulation to the affected areas.

Areas of Treatment & Benefits:

Muscular Strains and Sprains:

Benefit: Rapid reduction in swelling and pain.


Benefit: Decreased inflammation and faster tendon recovery.


Benefit: Alleviation of chronic pain and improved joint mobility.

Neck Pain:

Benefit: Enhanced mobility and reduced stiffness.

Back Pain:

Benefit: Targeted pain relief without medication.

Post-Surgery Recovery:

Benefit: Accelerated wound healing and reduced scar tissue.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Laser Therapy is a non-invasive treatment method that utilizes light with specific characteristics to address medical conditions. The therapy operates by non-thermal absorption of photons by cells, promoting therapeutic effects such as hastening the inflammatory process through mitochondrial chromophore stimulation.

Laser Therapy emits a single wavelength of light without generating heat, sound, or vibration. It stands in contrast to other laser therapies that might produce heat and are utilized for surgical procedures or more intensive treatments.

Laser therapy offers multiple advantages, including potentially providing better results than some traditional procedures based on the treatment location. It is generally safe, often well-tolerated, with minimal side effects, and doesn’t usually require large incisions. Furthermore, laser therapy can lead to quicker and less painful recovery as it inflicts less damage to the tissue surrounding the treated area.

Like all medical procedures, there are potential risks with laser therapy. These can include pain, infection, bleeding, changes in skin color, and scarring.

Preparation for laser therapy varies depending on the specific procedure. In cases requiring sedation, dietary restrictions may be in place, and patients should arrange for a driver post-treatment. It’s crucial to discuss any preparations with the treating healthcare provider and follow any provided instructions.


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