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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy at Galt Physiotherapy & Acupuncture

Massage Therapy, an integral component of physiotherapy, harnesses the power of touch to alleviate muscle tension, improve circulation, and promote relaxation. Integrating massage into a physiotherapy regimen can expedite recovery, reduce pain, and enhance overall wellbeing.

How Massage Therapy Works:

By applying varying degrees of pressure and employing specialized techniques on targeted muscle groups, Massage Therapy stimulates blood flow, aids in the removal of metabolic waste, and encourages the release of tension knots. This fosters a healing environment, facilitating muscle recovery and reducing inflammation.

Types of Massages we Offer:

Deep Tissue Massage: This massage technique is primarily employed to address musculoskeletal issues like strains and sports injuries. It involves sustained pressure applied deeply using slow movements to reach inner layers of muscles and connective tissues, providing relief from chronic muscle tension and enhancing healing.

Hot Stone Massage: In this massage type, warmed stones are strategically placed on specific body parts. The heat from the stones relaxes muscles, aiding the therapist to work deeper if needed. This massage promotes deep relaxation, eases muscle stiffness, and enhances circulation.

General Relaxation/Stress Relief Massage: Often known as Swedish massage, this is characterized by long, smooth strokes (effleurage) using one or both hands, combined with kneading movements (petrissage). These techniques enhance blood and lymph circulation, relax and tone muscles, and reduce stress, providing a profound sense of relaxation and well-being.

Areas Treated and Benefits:

Neck & Shoulders: Eases tension headaches and corrects postural imbalances.

Legs & Feet: Alleviates muscle cramps and boosts circulation.

Lower Back: Reduces chronic pain and improves spinal alignment.

Arms & Hands: Mitigates symptoms of repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Experience the transformative effects of Massage Therapy at Galt Physiotherapy & Acupuncture. Book your consultation today and embark on a journey to optimal health and relaxation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

It varies based on individual needs. Some patients benefit from weekly sessions, while others might find monthly appointments sufficient.

While rare, some individuals might experience mild soreness post-massage, which typically subsides within a day or two.

Absolutely! Our professionals will recommend a tailored treatment plan that might combine massage with other therapies for best results.


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