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Our braces are supplied by Bauerfeind Medical; a high-end German company that is one of the 
largest manufacturers of orthopaedic stockings and inserts in the world.


MalleoTrain Ankle Brace:

The MalleoTrain® orthopedic brace is used to treat a sore ankle joint following injury, surgery orosteoarthris. Two individually fitted and contoured cushions (pads) on the inner and outer
malleolus help to reduce effusions. The three-dimensional knit sits comfortably and stimulates

  • Helps to relieve pain
  • Helps to reduce swelling
  • Breathable material, gentle on your skin


Price: $140

AchilloTrain Ankle Brace:

In cases of pain or inflammation in the Achilles tendon (e.g. due to excessive strain or after operations), the AchilloTrain® orthopedic brace helps to relieve the Achilles tendon without restricting mobility. An anatomically contoured insert (pad) produces a massage effect, thus stimulating the surrounding tissue. An integral heel cushion relieves the tendon. Edemas and effusions can thus subside more quickly.

  • Anatomically op/mal shape
  • Breathable material
  • Promotes circulation


Price: $170


GenuTrain Knee Brace:

Activation, relief, and stabilization of the knee joint. The GenuTrain knee brace provides secure support for mild instability and relieves knee pain and swelling.

With medical-grade compression provided by a comfortable knitted fabric, the GenuTrain® knee brace produces intermittent massage during movement, relieving pain and stimulating the body’s metabolic response. This improves circulation to bring more oxygenated blood to the affected tissue and reduces pain and swelling in and around the knee.

GenuTrain®’s uniquely-engineered design ac/vates the body’s own stabilization mechanisms: Its so` knitted fabric is anatomically-contoured and texturized to ensure full contact with the skin, engaging proprioceptors that send signals to the brain. This feedback leads to improved control of the muscles stabilizing the joint.

Key Features

  • Medical Ccl 1 (20-30 mm Hg)
  • Lateral and medial rigid plastic stays
  • Rigid plastic meniscal component
Price: $160


LumboTrain Back Brace:

Back pain is a widespread ailment in today’s society. Activity can help remedy this: LumboTrain activates your torso muscles and alleviates low back pain. It gives you a more stable feeling and straightens the lumbar spine. A special triangular rigid viscoelastic friction pad massage pad with 26 nubs releases tension during movement in a targeted manner and reduces pain with a pleasant intermittent compression massage.

Key Features

  • Activates the back muscles and improves posture
  • Ensures rapid pain relief
  • Comfortable to wear without feeling sweaty
  • Also available in a fitted cut
Price: $340

Wrist Brace

ManuTrain Wrist Brace

Relief and stabilization of the wrist.

The ManuTrain® stabilizes the wrist joint by par/ally immobilizing the movement axes, and supports the regeneration processes in cases of injuries and irritation. The brace exerts medical compression on the tissue and provides a massage effect during movement, thus improving circulation and reducing pain.

Key Features

  • Medical Ccl 1 (20-30 mm Hg)
  • Rigid thermoplastic stabilization stay
  • Integrated viscoelas/c insert
Price: $165

Elbow Brace

EpiTrain Elbow Brace:

The EpiTrain alleviates pain in the elbow and improves its mobility. The effective knitted fabric and specially contoured pads provide relief and make it possible to start mobility training at an early stage. The comfortable support fits perfectly and features a particularly soft zone in the crook of the elbow. Swi`ly regain pain-free mobility with EpiTrain.

Key Features

  • Alleviates pain and relieves the irritated muscle-tendon junction
  • Improves elbow mobility
    Allows inflammation and swelling to subside more quickly
  • Offers a perfect fit, breathable knitted fabric, and a particularly soft bending zone
Price: $140

Shoulder Brace

OmoTrain Shoulder Brace

Relief and stabilization of the shoulder joint.

If the shoulder is weak, swollen, painful or recovering from a surgery, the OmoTrain® brace provides relief and stability for the shoulder. It relieves pain and protects the joint without limiting mobility. The shoulder muscles are activated and the joint benefits from improved stability. If required, an additional pressure cushion (pad) can produce a local massage effect on the soft tissues of the shoulder.

Key Features

  • Medical Ccl 1 (20-30 mm Hg)
  • Viscoelastic-shaped insert with velcro tabs
  • Rigid plastic D-loop
Price: $270

Thigh Brace

MyoTrain Thigh Brace

The breathable MyoTrain® orthopedic brace offers an enhanced alternative to taping for muscle injuries to the thigh and hamstrings, such as muscle fiber tears or pulls, myosclerosis or bruising. The special combination of knit, strap system and two different viscoelastic pressure  cushions (pads), which can be added or removed as required, allows swelling to subside more quickly and accelerates the healing process.

Key Features

  • With an acute visco-elastic pad for immediate help 
  • Prevents repetitive injuries 
  • Easy to put on and take of
Price: $310